Hi! I am trying to configure a logicblock that turns my lights on when arriving home only at night. 

For that, I use IFTTT with WeatherUnderground which makes a webrequest to apilio when it's Sunset. I linked it to the Boolean variable call "Night_Time" with the link related to "Set True". I've also done the same thing with sunrise related to "Set False" 

I also use Life360 for the location. So IFTTT makes a webrequest to Apilio when arriving Home. I linked it to the Boolean variable call "At_Home" with the link related to "Set True" 

Then, I add my two Boolean variables to the conditions section in Apilio with the required state "True" 

I've created a logicblocks called "lights_on_dark" linked to conditions: it_at-home, it_night-time. 

In IFTTT, I created a Webhooks applet : If Maker Event "lights_on_dark", then activate a scene in Smartlife app (my lights). 

When I click on the evaluation trigger link in Apilio, it works. But in practice, it doesn't work. Also, the WeatherUnderground states that the Sunrise is at 10:35PM, which is not correct, too late. 

Is there a way to make it work? What did I do incorrectly? Can I ask for a specific lapse of time instead of sunrise and sunset ? 

Thank you for your help 


Sounds all quite good, but you can make it a bit simpler: 

  • The “Night_Time” Boolean variable is perfect - Instead of the Life360 Applet setting a variable, you can re-configure the applet to call the Logicblock evaluation link (you find it at the bottom of the Logicblock page) - As a consequence, you can delete the “At_Home” variable / remove it from the Logicblock 

This should then work as expected. 

IFTTT has a “Date / Time” Applet that you can use instead of the WeatherUnderground sunrise/sunset. 

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